Selasa, 11 November 2014

what I am going to success on essay writing

My Plans to Success on Writing

Last semester I had taken theparagraph writing, and now I have been taking essay writing to continue the study in semester three.Essaywriting is more difficult than paragraph writing, so I must have good plans before I start to write. I should do well on my way to be able writingquickly. There are three plans that I will do this semester to be success in essay writing.
            First, I will increase my vocabularies and memorize the new vocabularies day by day. Last semester, I am a lazy person to memorize the vocabularies. Now, I will change my bad habit to increase my vocabularies. When I find a new word, I will write and memorize it. If I have much vocabularies, I will not difficult to start my writing because I will not only use the simple words but also the variation of the words to make the best writing.
            Second, I willread more books,magazines, newspapers and also read on the internet. While, I have a problem in reading. I usually sleepy when I was reading a book. This semester, I will read more than last semester and try to not sleepy again. I believe if I read more, I can get more knowledge. It can help me to find the idea on writing.
Third, I will practice to write at home. After I practice, I will check it by myself and ask my friends to check my writing and correct about the mistakes that I had. I will practice to write and build my confident because doing is more difficult than knowing. Insteat, I will keep all of my writing and read it more time to find the mistakes on my writing. After that, I write the correct one. 
            In conclusion, I am going to do some plans to study essay writing in this semester. I will increase my vocabulariesand memorizeit day by day, I willread more books, magazines, newspapers, and I will practice to write at home. I hope by doing these plans, I can be successful in essay writing this semester and get good grades.

what is the benefits of studying writing ?

The Benefits of Studying Writing
          Everything that I am doing are influential inmy life. I get the benefits when I am doing some activity such as working, studying, playing and other activity. The function of working as same like physical exercise for me. Playing has function to refresh my mind when I am on stress out. Besides, I get some benefits from studying, especially writing. There are three benefits that I get from writing. 
            First, writing is useful in learning activity. I have to write my assignment, homework, and task as the prerequisite of rating. On the other hand, writing not only as the prerequisite of rating, but also to write down the lesson from my lecturers. I write the point of the lesson and concluded in my book what did the lecturers taught. I can easily remember the lesson from my notation. I surely that I will remember the lesson and also will be saved the lesson in my mind.
            Second, writing can increase the personality that I have. I can write the personalize opinion about something. Writing also make me more active on thinking. With the result that, I can find and solve the problem about something. I can publish my opinion and the reader can takes some advantages from it. Indirectly, my writing can also give the benefits and useful to reader.
            Third, writing can expand and increase my vocabularies. Before I write something, I usually read the sources to find the topic or idea. Automatically, I found a new vocabularies or the variation of word and write down on my writing. I learned from my writing that contain many vocabularies that I did not know before. I can memorize a new word when I corrected or just rereading my writing.

            In conclusion, I can get three benefits from studying writing. First, writing is useful in learning activity. Second, writing can increase my personality. Third, writing can expand and increase my vocabularies.If I study seriously on writing, I belief the benefits from it can usefull on my life not only for today, but also to my future life. 

The experiences on studying writing last semester.

My Experiences on Studying Writing
            Paragraph writing was one of the subjects that I had taken last semester. While I wasstudying paragraph writing, I had learned the process of academic writing.Itwasnot only how to write what I want,but we must also attend the role. In addition, my lecturers taught me how to write by using the role and grammar to write a good writing. In fact, last semester was the first time I wrote. It was difficult for me, but I had to do it because paragraph writing was the subject that I had to do before continuing the next level, Essay Writing, in this semester. There are three experiences when I took paragraph writing last semester.
            The first experience is the difficulty to think what I would write.Writing and thinking are related each other. When I start to write, I have to think the idea. It was difficult for me because I did not have much vocabularies. As a result, I was spent long time to think and finish my writing.
            The second experience isI felt so busy person during last semester. I usually sleep at midnight because I had problem to get the topic or ideas aboutwhat I would to write. On the other hand, my task must had be collected tomorrow morning, so I have done my entire task even though it was not easy. After I finish my writing, I tried to check it before I collected my task.
            The third experience is I had no specific skill to write quickly. At the final exam, the lecturers gave some topics to write.I could choice one of the topics. At the time, I chose the topic about hometown. I was afraid to do the exam because I could not write quickly and I had limited time to finish my writing. I just did my writing and hopedjust a little mistakes on my writing.

            In short, when I took paragraph writing last semester I had three experiences and problems. There were the difficultyon thinking the ideas to write, slept at midnight because doing my task, and I had no specific skill to write quickly and early. In this semester, I hope better and last semester.